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April's Driving Advantage is awesome. I've recommended it to so many people, mainly because of April's caring attitude and how comfortable I felt with her. I always found myself in nervous situations on the road but April would always calm me down and tell me I could do it and I did! They're great, fun and affordable lessons. Never a dull moment with April! :)

Casey. K


April's Driving Advantage is an awesome driving school, I would recommend to any new learner driver. Because of April and L2P program, I feel like I'm a safe driver. When I first sat behind the wheel, I was so nervous but April helped me. Thanks April for making your lessons fun. I wouldn't be able to drive the way I do if it wasn't for April. Thank so much :):):)

Chloe. F


April's Driving Advantage is the best and most enjoyable driving experience you'll ever get while learning. When I first started driving driving, I was extremely nervous behind the wheel, but with April beside you, you'll feel so relaxed that driving will become just a breeze. April has a kind, caring and calm attitude that will make you want to drive at the end of each lesson// I can't thank April enough for helping me feel confident being behind the wheel and on the road. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You're the best driving instructor around and I would recommend you to all learners! =D

Sean. I


If is wasn't for April's Driving Advantage I would no doubt still be stuck at home and terrified at the thought of driving. One phone call and all worries were erased thank to April. You removed all doubt I had of myself and went beyond your call of duty to make is a s comfortable as possible for me. Thanks so much April, I won't be a 30 year old mother of 4 stuck at home with her kids anymore. You have given me a life. Cheers.

Erin. W


For anyone who is looking for a driving instructor, I recommend April's Driving Advantage. No one suits the job better than her. She is very easy going, calm, patient and has always made my lessons fun and made driving seem a lot more fun. She helped me boost my confidence and motivated me into driving. I wouldn't be the driving I am now without April's help. Thanks for everything :)

Liana. L


Thank you, thank you, thank you! You're the best driving instructor anyone could ever ask for and you have helped me so much to get me to where I am now :) Thank you so so much!!!

Gaby. M


Everyone looking for a great instructor, then you have found the right place. April's Driving Advantage is an affordable, relaxing and fun way to learn to drive with an amazing instructor you can't go wrong. In my personal experience with April, I have felt comfortable, safe and in good hands and I'm really glad I went with her so everyone please join April's Driving Advantage. - you won't regret it I swear.

Kirsten. G


A massive thank you for helping me pass today! :) You are definitely one amazing instructor! Thank a million April! xxx

Wiki. M


I was always nervous bout going for my license before I was recommended to get some lessons with April's Driving Advantage. After that, my confidence on the roads grew thanks to April's calm and comforting nature. She was very informative and eased all my worries about the big test. It was great to have such a genuine person like April to be helping me improve my driving skills and dedicate her time to ensuring that I could be free from sitting at home doing nothing and catching the bus! Thank you so much April, you've been such a great driving instructor and a joy to be around. I'd recommend you to any learner driver!

Bianca. D

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